Consent 101

The Consent 101 online module is one of the outcomes from my three-year research project about sexual consent education at post-secondary institutions across Canada. 

The other outcome is this book or read this summary

To access the Consent 101 module, click this link to be redirected. Although completed, there a couple of portions in draft. Please stay tuned.

The research project was about sexual violence policies and sexual consent education at post-secondary institutions across Canada. Because the prevalence of sexual violence has not changed in more than 30 years, and its reporting to police or school authorities has only waxed and waned over those years. I queried what can be done differently to reduce the number of victims and potential perpetrators? To answer those questions I conducted an environmental scan of over 120 post-secondary institutions (PSIs) across Canada as well as a deeper analysis of seven that also included student and staff experiences and opinions. The three-year project captured over 160 student voices and over 20 sexual violence staff and subject experts. The project concluded with a proposed online sexual consent education module, including its strengths and limitations, as a point of discussion for PSIs to include into their sexual violence prevention education repertoire.