Every victim has the right, on request, to information about (a) the criminal justice system and the role of victims in it; (b) the services and programs available to them as a victim, including restorative justice programs; and (c) their right to file a complaint for an infringement or denial of any of their rights under this Act.

Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

Dr. D. Scharie Tavcer [she/her]

I am an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Degree Program at Mount Royal University and a Gladue Writer for Alberta Justice & Public Safety.

I live, work, and teach in the place the Blackfoot call Mohkinstsis. My acknowledgment of this is only one of many steps towards Truth & Reconciliation. Personally and professionally I support the work that individuals and communities are doing to promote equity for Indigenous and other racialized peoples.

I feel privileged to teach and supervise students – future justice workers. One particular agenda I always include within my curriculum is to inspire students to put compassion and empathy in their toolboxes. I want my students to realize that each of us has a story – we know someone who struggles with addiction, sexual violence, mental illness, or is in an abusive relationship … or maybe it’s us. And how people treat us, how people make us feel, has a huge impact on the way we navigate in this world and deal with and recover from trauma. How we treat our clients is the same: how we make them feel will make a difference in how they recover and how they reintegrate back into society. Doing that with compassion and empathy will make all the difference.
Every six days a woman in Canada is killed.
Albertans have experienced sexual violence.

Sources: ACWS, 2019 and AASAS, 2020.

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