Faculty of Arts Outstanding Service Award 2018

The Outstanding Service Award is designed to recognize an individual (faculty or administrative staff), whose contributions to service in the previous academic year are considered exemplary, such as in terms of efficiency, impact and/or innovation.  

Primarily as a result of my preparation, development, and implementation of the CRJS Field School to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut many activities and events that stem from it contributed to me being the award recipient for 2018 in recognition of my outstanding service to MRU and its students.

The CRJS Field School to Rankin Inlet was the first of its kind for the Criminal Justice Degree Program at MRU. Developing the curriculum was one aspect but creating a field school also required me to establish relationships in Rankin Inlet with various justice and community partners. I did most of this more or less on my own. 

  • With the support of the Department and Faculty, I visited Rankin Inlet the year prior for reconnaissance and to foster community connections 
  • Next, with the support of MRU’S Academic Development Centre, I revised the existing CRJS 2011 course into a new curriculum submission under the Community Service Learning designation at MRU. This involved a new curriculum and assessments and community-based learning outcomes for students with justice serving and non-justice serving agencies in Rankin Inlet.
  • I then organized a Showcase of Community Service Learning Field Schools at MRU in partnership with Professor Victoria Calvert November 2015. We received funding from various sources (Arts Innovation; Provost’s Office; Office of Research Services) to host this event, which included food, prizes, awards and a scholarship to attend the CACSL Conference in May 2016.
  • I supported the participating CRJS students to submit a vignette of their experience to the upcoming Community Service Learning Conference which took place at MRU in May 2016.
  • As a continuation of the community service my students led in Rankin Inlet, I coordinated an event with the Rankin Inlet Rock girl’s hockey team, who were in town for WickFest, and our MRU Cougars women’s hockey team. The students and teams came together on November 26, 2015 to showcase skills and accomplishments and foster connections.